Mission Statement

To strengthen the Greater Kansas City Jewish community by promoting Jewish pride, study and celebration. To provide for the spiritual and material needs of all Jewish people in the community, regardless of background or affiliation. To provide a warm community home where everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable based on the teachings of the Torah and Chabad Chassidut.



Established in 1998, the Anna and Max Zalcman Torah Learning Center (TLC) has been offering innovative and unique Jewish programming and education for all ages for over 20 years. From KC Kosher Meals on Wheels to classes at the Plaza and holiday celebrations to senior visitations and prison chaplaincy, TLC goes beyond its own walls to service the entire community.


Since being sent as emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1974 , Rabbi BenZion and Mrs. Esther Friedman have made it their life mission to help any person in need, whether materially or spiritually. With years of experience teaching, counseling, leading and guiding, Rabbi and Mrs. Friedman have made leaps and bounds in contributing to every aspect of Jewish life in the Greater Kansas City community.